Our Team


Our longest ‘reigning’ member of the team. Apart from excellent skills, our Queen will throw in an hour of free entertainment! The sound of Heather laughing from the top of the street will guide you to an amazing treatment!


I’m Jennifer, the crazy cat lady of Nailzone! I’ve worked here for 5 1/2 years and I absolutely love my job and putting a smile on clients faces. I have 2 cats, lots of tattoos, love music and doing fabulous nails!


My name is Stephanie, i started doing nails around 12 years ago and have been with Nailzone for over 6 of those years i specialised in nails and i love meeting different people everyday! I love a challegne so if your needing some nailart or sculpts hit a gal up!


The most colourful of the Nailzone family! Qualified over 2 years, love my job and making people’s hands and toes shine! You’ll recognise me by my whacky hair – come in and see what colour it is this week.


My name is Helen (Helen Lou) I have worked at nailzone for over 5 fabulous years, my specialties are doing the best coffin nails in the business, stand up comedian and of course being a rap queen! My fav things to do are TikTok, painting my face and sp…


My name is Lauren, the newest addition to Nailzone. I love doing nails as it gives me a chance to be creative whilst sharing stories and experiences with the lovely clients. My fave things are travelling, crystal healing and my wee kitty x